Shadow Man Remastered – The Horror Difficulty Tips

Does this difficulty get any easier after any items or upgrades or is it just a really challenging game mode? Read the answer below.

Tips to Complete the Game in Horror Difficulty

The Answer

Yes and no, you have more options to defend yourself later, with more weapons, more life, etc, but also the number of enemies increases, at the end of the day it depends if you become better moving to the hecenarios.

A Few Tips

  • Save: It is true that when you die you keep the enemies dead and progress in general, but it is annoying to have to walk UP to where you were every time you die, so Save and Load, I recommend you save just before entering rooms that you know it’s full of enemies if you die, load, it’s better to retry the room with resources than take time to return to the room with fewer resources and probably die a lot due to lack of magic, since you spent it on the first try, sometimes it’s better just load the save and try again.
  • Take advantage of how death works: Take into account that the things you need to progress are souls, or specific objects, press switches, once you achieve this in the room you practically achieved your purpose and it doesn’t matter much if you die and there are times that the spawn point is near another dark soul or you activate a shortcut and now you can get there faster.
  • Marteou does more damage up close: This weapon has a shotgun effect, and if you hit someone with the first attack it does a lot of damage.
  • Asson is the weapon with the most range in the game: It does more damage than the tete de mort, but the projectile is slow, use it to kill enemies quickly and to attack enemies that are far away like many of the enemies with rifles in the asylum.
  • Spin in circles around the surgeons: The surgeons become very frequent in the last levels and more with their new variants, just move in one direction to avoid their attacks, if you have enough space they are not too bad to deal with but if you stay no room to move is a problem you have to be agile or use the Enseigne.
  • The Enseigne is the most important item: Use it to get out of the water since sometimes there are enemies waiting for you outside to shoot you, this shield will protect you, use it if you are surrounded by projectiles, it is VERY useful in this mode, get it as soon as you can .
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