SCUM – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

  • For a fresh spawn, I recommend immediately crafting a stone ax, and/or wooden spear. This will help to keep puppets away from your body.
  • If you get it, and can escape to a building or safe place, immediately take of clothing on the damaged area of your body. This will prevent external pathogens entering your wounds.
  • C1 cuts don’t have to be treated, but if you find alcohol, disinfect the wounds with that.
  • As soon as you find any sort of gloves, put them on, as your hands will start to bleed after a while.
  • There are several things which play role in infection. Constitution. Higher constitution better imunity.
  • Then clothes dirtiness. Anything what touch your wound has chance to deliver pathogens. I think its external pathogens when you hover over injury.
  • You can use any alcohols for disinfect wound. And you can use any alcohol to disinfect rags.
  • Then you will see temp boost when you check wound.
  • You can eat antibiotics. They will buff your imunity a lot. But just for some time. After while you need another pill. You dont have to eat whole plate. Just one pill in a time. Check wound you will see rising buff imunity.
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