Samurai Bringer – How to Beat Every Boss (Boss-Melter)

Want a boss-melter? Enjoy.

Boss-Melter Guide

The key elements are spear as the weapon, and I prefer a single spear and not two, and then the action built as follows (It’s currently designed for my level, but it’s trivial to adjust it for your level):

  • Reverse Slice 16
  • Expand 8
  • Samidare 8
  • Wave 2
  • Storm 1

The important elements are Reverse Slice, which you want to get to at least 8 as soon as possible.

Samidare at least one or two. Wave at least one. And lastly Storm one. The other thing you will probably want is Storm Resistance on one of your gear pieces so that you don’t go spinning out of control. It’s not strictly necessary but I always wear it.

Not only does this melt bosses, it clears out any enemy around you and devastates generals. It’s the bread and butter. It doesn’t have as much reach as the war fan or gun evil guided bolt which extends beyond the screen, but it’s much faster to activate and keeps you mobile. And it does great single target damage too. The purpose of Storm is to pull in enemies to the whirl.

Now that I’ve developed quite a bit of an SP pool I might experiment with dropping Storm so I can put something better in place of the gear giving Storm Resistance. I imagine this would greatly improve the damage potential but hurt its clearing ability, which is fine as long as you have another skill to clear with (like the war fan evil guided bolt skill which I use as the left hand weapon).

Edit: After some testing, I am correct that while damage goes up a bunch by being able to equip another damage boosting gear passive, the lack of storm greatly reduces the clearing ability. So it’s fine to do if you want more damage, but keep in mind you will probably want another skill designed to clear away a whole screen of trash enemies. The one I mentioned earlier does just fine at that. But this skill excels at deleting generals and bosses.

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