Samurai Bringer – How to Make War Fan Useful

War Fan Explanatory Guide


Higher stacks of War Fan skill are going to increase your damage output even further, you can also take Samurai Spirit (more damage dealt with more weapons of the same type equipped), and equip fans in all 4 weapon slots. Add to that Enhanced ATK, set up Flame skill with Guidance, watch everything on screen melt from being chased by 30 fireballs.

Wind skills on fans are also really good (they’re good in general) since they can instantly CC and throw around most generals.

Slap a bunch of guidance, defense break, expand, and samidare on it, like 2 or 3 guidance gets the orbs homing, you want at least one point in this. Getting the samidare to 8 followed by expand to 8 is your best bet after allocating a couple points to both guidance and defense break to really make war fan shine. If you need an extra point to slot in an elemental skill you can take points from expand.

Equipping two War Fans (or Guns) doubles the amount of projectiles, but also doubles the SP cost of the skill. It’s a good way to increase DPS if you have enough SP. You’ll want to get War Fan 8 and Sumidare 8 as soon as possible (while still keeping some Guidance). With two War Fans, you can shoot 16 projectiles that can each hit 9 times. Evil is the best element for clearing maps, but it is resisted by the Bosses. You also want at least 1 Defense Break, so that your shots will actually hit Generals.

You should only use Evil 1. Evil 2 increases the chance that the SP drain will trigger against Generals, which is basically useless.

War Fan and Gun work almost exactly the same. War Fan has slower start-up to it’s attacks, and Gun has much longer recovery (but can shoot faster than War Fan when used as a Barrage).

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