Punch Club 2: Fast Forward – Decision Matter Stuff

Warning! This guide contains spoilers.

Decision Matter Stuff in the Game

There are the “old school” and the “police” routes. Both can be done for a while simultaneously, but it is not required. Eventually you will have to pick one.

It is strange that you are already far into the second league without them being triggered already, maybe you just forgot to progress them?

For the police route you’ll need to get 1000 GPP first. Then go to the station and talk to the sergeant. He will introduce you to learning the law on the computer on the left side. With 2000 GPP you can then actually start your career as a cop.

The old school route is introduced by Casey who lives in the sewers. I can’t remember exactly how and when, but he will give you an old chip with Micks memory/consciousness, repair that chip if you still have it in the inventory. Micks old place will open up for renovation, so if you can access that place – between the police station and the nightclub – you already did that. There are tools in the center of the room which allow you to renovate the place. Once it is back to its former glory the route starts.

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