Project Playtime – Ultimate Mommy Counter Guide

Mommy Counter Guide

Disclaimer before we begin: This Guide was made in the Pre Release build so it may or may not be applicable once the game undergoes various bug fixes/changes and whatnot.


ATM mommy has a very risky but if used properly op move. Which is her pull move, If mommy uses this correctly she can easily jump over multiple doors in toy factory and use the momentum she can gain to get over obstacles very easily. My number one recommendation when fighting mommy is to stay in small tight areas. -twss This counters her current best move, and makes whoever is playing the killer have to think more about cornering and gaining ground.

Now lets talk about her other crazy move. Her web stun, this move is absolutely terrifying and is able to give a mommy player the upper hand in an instant. Keep in mind this is a aimed move so if the mommy player cant click on heads itll be alot easier to counter by consistently changing up your movement pattern. Dont Run In A Straight Line. ENAS also known as strafing can literally save your life. Remember that when you roll then jump instantly after it gives you tons of space to make decisions on what to do next if you have to run in a straight line, try you best to get to a door.

As of right now while players are still learning mommy most will accidentally counter themselves they will get stuck to walls and miss easy shots on players. Always watch how a mommy player simply moves around before getting in a chase and try to learn there tricks and techniques before you get in a mike tyson punch to the face situation. And Lastly, This game isnt ment to be played like DBD (dead by daylight) right now, the meta is simply thinking 3-4 steps ahead of the killer. And Using the crazy loud footsteps to your advantage.

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