IXION – How to Produce More Energy with Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Power Plants Productivity Explanation

There’s a slider that lets you set how much energy is produced based on how much Hydrogen is used.

Baseline is -25 energy needed for +75 produced with 3 Hydrogen. Each additional Hydrogen increases output by +25 up to a max of +200 output.

Can be useful if you’re in a sector with storms or ice that can damage solar panels.

If a panel is damaged you can quickly ramp up Nuclear output to compensate.


The description seem to be incorrect though. As you get +200 power for 8 Hydrogen. So 25 power per 1 Hydrogen.

The reactor itself does need 20 power itself though, so your net output is 180. But can be reduced to 10 with research.

I think another good use is to run it while on battery travel. As it seems to extend your battery time. Though i haven’t property tested this to say for sure it does that.

It is also useful to boost recharge rate of batteries while not traveling.

By the time you reach chapter 4, assuming you stripped mine everything in previous chapters. You should have enough to run one non stop for about a year.

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