Phantom Brigade – How to Melee

Understanding Melee


So far, from what I learned, you dash forward, if you make contact with the attack, a orange spiky circle will pop up around an enemy. Ideally, you want to have the red hooked area, at the front and side, going through an enemy. You can change sides of the melee attack by holding, or hitting ctrl. The blue line is your path of the dash during the melee attack. If your unit rubs the enemy, you will get that collision yellow bubble. Collisions are not always good unless you are heavy, where you will knockdown lower weight classes. I think thrust determines the distance of the dash during melee.

Melee does not always work, I will pass-by not hitting enemies half the time, or cannot get a melee attack without a collision. It is usually easier to do a melee attack, then continue onto other enemies, so you have room for positioning. I have yet to get successful melee attacks consistently, but long as you are having the red sickle going through them with the spiky orange glowing circle around them, you will at least hit them half the time.


Usually calculating it as follows:

  1. Set melee action with red stripe reaching enemy.
  2. Play with timeline to check if during middle of action you are in melee range, because that’s when swing happens.
  3. If not, memorize where enemy will be, adjust red stripe and repeat timeline check.
  4. Confirm when memorized enemy position is in melee range during half of melee action, there is about 90% chance it will be a hit.
  5. Pray to Omnissiah.
  • Do you not trust the red circle when you aim your melee attack.
  • When you hover over the “melee” button, you can see the typical white circle indicating the “optimal range”. That’s where you want aim and where enemy are.
  • When you aim your melee (or red circle), there is a dark grey line in the middle of the melee timestamp, that indicates when your mech is going to swing, and you want to make sure the collision (yellow circle that indicates collision) hits where that dark grey line appear.

After seeing that line, I never (or just haven’t) miss any melee. Though I haven’t tried melee with elevation change.

Also I just realised that when you aim your melee, it’s using your thruster range, which can misled you because they have shorter minimal range than your melee minimal range, which then can caused you to aim way too close/too far and miss you melee.

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