Phantom Brigade – How to Know When Missiles Will Hit You?

Tips to Know When Missiles Will Hit You

Thing is… As the point of launching the missile, the time to hit is accurate.

Problem is is that if your target MOVES in the next turn, and your missiles havent hit, the time to hit will change.

  • If your target stays still, it will hit on time.
  • If your target moves fowards, it will hit sooner.
  • If your target moves away, it will hit later.

Likewise when missiles are fired at YOU.

Gotta use a little brain when estimating when you need to deploy your shield or get behind a building.

Info about missiles is very lacking, you need to perform calculations yourself:

It may differ from launcher to launcher, but usually missiles spend 2 seconds travelling distance equal to normal rifle range.

So, you need to visually asses how long it will take for missiles to reach you. Then just before impact happens you must dash (preferably in direction of missiles, so they have hard time turning) or run fast enough. This should avoid 90% of swarm.

If you want to learn about missiles travel time yourself I suggest equiping your mech with one and testing.

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