Pepper Grinder – Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

No filler, just drillers

Look for small fractures or openings in the walls’ strong exterior layers.

This is a warning indication that drilling there may yield some hidden treasure, the most valuable of which is probably a Skull Coin.

Destroying it

Pepper Grinder has a secret move, however it’s not so secret anymore. Hold down and drill while jumping, then press the jump button once more. It does a Drill Crusher this way.

I have to move quickly

Time attack mode allows you to go back and retry any level you’ve already finished, earning unique stickers and game soundtracks to enjoy while in stickerbook mode.

Nothing but pain and gain

Consider your health as a resource that you can take advantage of if you’re having trouble achieving gold medal times in time attack mode. It’s sometimes quicker to dig through hazards than to try to avoid them!

The Island of Skull

In the unlikely event that you were able to seize a strategically positioned Skull Coin but perished in the process, fear not—you won’t have to endure the same horror twice. It will be remembered by the game and counted as gathered.

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