Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Tips to Get Aurora

How to Get Aurora

  1. Save early, save often.
  2. Every time you get a shard, check your stats and make sure it did registered. If you leave the room too soon or killed by another enemy, sometimes the system failed to register it, and you have no way to get it again. Load your most recent save and get it again.
  3. Get shards first, finish the map later.

Shards list (Rubella utterly fries Bael)

  • Robert – need Simian, after that Giant Rat, Gusion, Barbatos, Leragje, Nyabon, Kamikaze and Macaron (the missing one, I read is Millionaire’s Bane). So cat monsters, archers, apes and a rat plus a slot machine
  • Rubella – need Tamako Death, after that Carabosse, Sidhe, Titania, Decabaria, Lili, Lamashtu, R’ulsha and Vul’sha. So fairies, demonesses in casino girl outfits, fallen angels and a swinging creature swinging around the underground caverns.
  • Gen – need Cyhyraeth, after that Seama, Deeseama, Glashtyn, Forneus, Toad, Poison Toad, Water Leaper and Giant Toad. So frogs and underwater monsters.
  • Oengus – need Wolfman, after that Demon, Archdemon, Demon Lord, Sabnock, Marbas, Gargoyle, Gaap, and Silver Wolf. So gargoyles, beastmen and demons
  • Finn – need Dantalian, after that Aello, Celaeno, Ocypete, Light Elemental, Dark Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Fire Elemental and Ice Elemental. So elementals and bird men
  • Tristis – need Dullahammer Head, after that Dullahammer, Malediction, Killer Barber, Poltergeist, Assassin, Ninja, Harrier (the missing one I read is Revenant). This is an odd one – so ninjas, floating things, a barber and Simon Belmont’s corpse.
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