Nova Lands – Giant Furnaces Explained

Whats the Purpose of Giant Furnaces

The main difference is that the mega furnace will put out resources slowly over time giving you a steady flow rather than the start stop from the regular ones.

Until you unlock the blueprints at the station they’re not quite as useful.

I’d advise limiting the packager output to a single crate, especially for the boxes going to rockets. And for rockets you probably want to manually drop resources in for packaging so as to avoid having a box of stuff with nowhere to send it.

They process 100 times as many materials at a time but take up only about 3ish times the space. I have not timed them to see what their speed efficiency is but it does seem to be at least even if not faster on a per material basis. However I did notice that they do not benefit from the sleeping bonus, or if they do it only applies if you’re afk for a very long time as it might be per craft rather than per product as it implies.

As for the space issue you mention op, I can tell you with certainty that I use WAY less space for them than before that. I was only able to fit in about 10~ of each type of processor. Now I use 3 of each mega for copper, iron, and steel and that produces 3 times as much for about half the previous space. This is despite also included space for packagers and other extra small buildings. The advantages are plenty clear.

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