Aliens: Dark Descent – Tips for Queen Fight in Dead Hills

How to Defeat Queen in Dead Hills

I can say this for easy ways to deal with the queen. Note these testings where done on easy and normal.

  1. Drop a turret a the door, one facing the door and one facing away. these will be your life line do not leave their firing area as that one facing the door will save you from face huggers.
  2. The moment she starts charging launch a grenade in her path, hitting her with it stops the charge and stuns her.
  3. Flamethrowers are really good at just melting everything but their deploy time means you have to enter in slow mo the moment the fight starts and spam them.
  4. A single tech with a turret on offensive mode and fully supplied can save you from the face huggers as long as you have spammed down the queen with grenades.
  5. If you have a gunner put them on suppressing fire ASAP aimed at the queen, note one of hte face huggers comes from the left lower area so watch for that but he/she can easily wipe the queen on easy and normal.
  6. Ultimate cheese, start the fight retreat to the tunnel, have placed enough landmines to kill god in that tunnel watch as the queen blows herself the face huggers, and her guards up. mines OP if used smar.
  7. Sniper rifle, seriously that ability is really useful.
  8. Flare then grenades, that crit up makes things easier, also makes it easier to see the face huggers

So far in my testing, As long as you have prepped before hand, or have full command points going in, you should be fine.

A recommendation is level your troops up don’t give them any abilities until you know what they are, the moment you get a tech fully upgrade that drone ASAP. having that 5th gun is always nice, especially as it is an SMG and really good against smaller threats. also in none story areas you can swap to manual control of it and move it in first to scout or clean up.

Seriously that drone is really useful especially for things like egg hunting later on. don’t risk your men just a single drone.. just make sure to always have tools on you if you go this path.

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