Nightingale – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

  1. You can settle in any Abeyance Realm – so if you feel like you made an error with your initial choice and want to go for a different realm, you can do that once you unlock cards crafting.
  2. Press “X” to switch to a building mode which allows you to easy remove, move buildings and furniture.
  3. If you exhausted a realm, you can reset that realm via the portal menu.
  4. Trickster card is more worth than you might think. It is an endgame treasure.
  5. Thinned Veil makes travel in your home realm comfortable.
  6. Your recruits will use the tool they have equipped – if they should harvest wood: give them an axe; if they should harvest stones/gems/ore: give them a pickaxe and so on
  7. Your recruits will wear what you equip them
  8. Your recruits do not really need a backpack – that means they can have one more slot for items
  9. Until 27th or so you still can get Twitch drops – you can get a cute adorable Dachshund pet for your homestead!
  10. To improve your connectivity consider a DNS Change. There is more which can be done like changing Steam Download region etc., but that is for another time.
  11. If you want a home outside of an abeyance realm leave a portal connected to it and drop a fairy ring. Then you can easily Return to respite and just walk through the portal to your non abeyance home.
  12. Fae portals that you see on the map after clearing a fae tower are Dungeons and they drop a lot of essence.
  13. Craft marbles from rocks to get a ton of basic essence.
  14. Do realms on higher difficulties for higher mats.
  15. You can have multiple portals at your base and leave them connected to have multiple realms to go to at anytime without needing more cards. You will always enter a realm on top of your fairy ring if you placed one.

Cracked Walls

Always looked for cracked walls. More often than not they hide chests or alternate ways to solve puzzles.

Pick Up Items

Just hold the E key, you dont even have to look, or even see, what your picking up and everything in the area is picked up.

Music Puzzle

Im solving an 8 note music puzzle. some of them are impossible to get to without using climbing spikes. so i decided trying to shoot it. that works.

Just shoot the damn things.

Building Side Misssion

Dont start building the stuff until you talk to a NPC at the site. Ive found this can bug the mission and you wont get the reward.

Where to get T1 Essence?

As you progress through the higher levels of realms, the types and amounts of essence will increase. Abeyance gives T0 Essence Dust. Antiquarian, Astrolabe, and Provisioner will give T1 Essence. Herbarium, Gloom, and Hunt will give T2 Essence. Ascended Realms and Vaults will give T3 Essence.

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