Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – How to Create Your Own Kingdom

Strategy Tips to Create the Kingdom

In Shorts

  • Start as a vassal for faction A.
  • Beat up faction B, and take their land for yourself.
  • Declare independence and hire the, now landless, lords of faction B.
  • Crush your enemies.

In Details

The “easiest” way is to be a vassal and rebel. Leave the Kingdom and keep your fiefs. Your former faction will declare war on you, and you’ll take a pretty hefty relation hit with all the clans. -40 with each clan I think. Before you rebel, consolidate your power.

Get your fiefs built up and have good relations with other clans. Protect your borders, and let the rest of your faction wither away if you want since you’ll be leaving them anyway. Once you declare your own kingdom, recruit clans to your side. It can be pretty costly, but bring them to your side, maybe even give them your fiefs so they have a base of power. Now you’ve got more clan parties to build armies and fight back. Have an idea of what clans you want, because you’ll need to track them down and recruit them.

Stay independent, and wait for cities to rebel. Swoop in and take them before another faction does. You can do this as much as you want, although you don’t want your territory spread out too much.

Wait for other factions to be weakened – but not eliminated – before you declare. That will give you some good prospects for clans to recruit. For whatever reason, you cannot recruit factionless clans, so you want to bring them to your side before their faction is eliminated.

Have plenty of money in the bank, because you’ll be paying for your additional clan parties as well as a sizeable garrison while you bring more clans to your side.

Bonus Tips

  • Just pay off any faction that declares war on you, expect one, and focus on that one.
  • A small trick you can do:
    • Before you declare independence, is to invite the clanleaders (as many as you can handle) into an army and park it just outside you capital.
    • Then declare independence.
    • Capture them.
    • Recruit the previously mentions landless lords (faction B).
    • Proceed to dismantle faction A and hire their clans as you make them landless.
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