Mini Motorways – London and Mumbai Map Tips

Tips for London and Mumbai Maps

The new maps are tricky, Mumbai particularly.

  • Aside from the usual ‘try to segregate all colours completely and never have them crossing over’ and ‘try to feed houses directly onto a trunk road and have as few intersections as possible’ I would say this:
  • Try to be smart about using your motorways. Link with normal roads wherever possible, and save the highways for places where you simply cannot get a normal road through, or where the road crosses a train line and the traffic backs up too much when the train approaches, making the industry start a countdown timer.
  • Try to have one roundabout in your toolbox at all times in case of emergency, but focus mainly on motorways and bridges wherever possible. Only get traffic lights if there is no other upgrade on offer and/or you don’t need the extra road tile one.
  • Don’t be afraid to spawnblock a little at the beginning. The maps seem to be programmed to place the starter houses in a cluster all mixed in together, so putting down a few single road segments to force them apart a touch can really help in the longrun.
  • The station destinations will need four or five houses to support them eventually, but they take a lot longer to work up to that point than the standard industries, and it’s highly unlikely they will need more than that. So don’t be tempted to oversupply them at a cost to your other buildings…just make sure they have the bare minimum they require and then throw all other houses into other industries instead.
  • Another tip that I use which I forgot to mention – when laying out your roads and routes, try to design them to cover up space where houses could spawn and fill in any gaps, to prevent the game messing you up by popping important houses down in the middle of your roadways later in the game when you can’t move things around as much. Fill in as much as you are able while still keeping efficiency, and keep any large gaps together rather than splitting them into smaller segments.
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