Idol Showdown – Ayame Counter Tips

Tips to Counter Ayame

  • Projectile zoning: Watch out for the flip and punish.
  • 2H: 5f head invul aub – don’t even bother jumping in. If she whiffs it tho, you’ve 24 frames to run up whatever.
  • J.M: Just 2H. If you can’t, just remember it’s a double overhead.
  • Staggers: Key stagger buttons are 2M(range) and 5M/H(similar animations and the threat of 2H respectively). They’re all -7/8 so you’re to contest with mediums as long as you’re outside her 2L’s range.
  • Rekka: It’s not as punishable as you’d think (-3,7,10), so something like Botan’s 5M (her best starter) can’t even punish the full L rekka. The important thing is to get a feel for her cancel windows (try playing her). If she has superchat, don’t bother – just hold the chip, she can’t throw you. And don’t forget about the H rekka overhead. Better to eat the knockdown low than overhead launcher.
  • 22H: Safejump at your own risk (don’t). Do not get burst baited. She has a simple combo structure so you should easily spot points where a 22H would be optimal.
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