Medieval Dynasty – Important Things for New Players

Things You Should to Know

  • Pay attention to and read everything presented, especially anything from the “knowledge” tab. This game won’t beat you over the head with information; most of it must be read and deduced by cross-referencing multiple screens.
  • And slow down. There’s no need to rush anything. Whether you make 20 coin or 20000 coin is moot relative to what the game requires. If it takes you 2 years or 2 generations: still moot.
  • You can gather and craft things orders of magnitude faster than any NPC, but that doesn’t mean you need to be doing all the work. Because, there’s ultimately no game-defining gain to be had from min-maxing.
  • All of your Resource Storage buildings are linked like Ender Chests. Use that to your advantage by building a few throughout the map, as necessary.
  • Villagers collect from and distribute into storage automatically and remotely. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the house sweeping or 1000m away wandering; they’re still putting in the work.
  • Recruiting adults have a limit based on your reputation. I had built 3 houses and thought to run from city to city to find 3 females and 3 males. I was only able to recruit one male before hit the limit.
  • If food is an issue in the beginning, you couldn’t even hit a tree with a spear if your life depended on it and you don’t have bow and arrow yet; the easiest way to get food is to just run after rabbits when your stamina is full or almost full.
  • I only figured this out after trying to fiddle with spears to kill them for many seasons, because I didn’t expect to be able to outrun them, so I never tried. But you can indeed outrun rabbits, and just one-punch them to death, no weapon needed.

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