Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Early Crowd Control Tips

Tips for Early Crowd Control

Use the basic cards to gain heroism and then use environmental obstacles (throw boxes etc.) to take out the one-hit minions.

You can use knockback on cards to knock enemies in to eachother which insta-kills the minions and if you use Quick attacks to cause a KO you get your card play refunded.

This way you can finish most rounds with only one or two enemies remaining.

You want to stack your deck with quick cards so you can get rid of the chaff without spending card plays, then use the heroism and card plays you built up on the high priority threats.

Don’t neglect items, especially ones that give heroism, counter, card draws, life steal etc.

Also build your decks to play to the strength of the characters, blade is strong when he can apply bleed for example, or ironman is strong when you have lots of ironman cards in your deck.

Also remember you can chain on the same target, so sometimes instead of using a chain ability on 4 weak targets, it might be better to chain x4 on a single strong target.

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