MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries – Beginners Guide

Guide for New Players

First, play the base game fully to learn the basics before switching to career mode, which includes DLC campaigns. For your first playthrough, focus on visual and sound mods:

  • Cockpit glass
  • Improved mech shader
  • In the pit (follow installation instructions carefully)
  • Jumpjet visuals
  • Source HD textures
  • Mechwarrior music medley
  • War FX
  • Community asset bundle
  • Three hellfire and brimstone mods
  • Sound of Succession Wars cockpit version
  • Mod options
  • MW2 Betty Ultimate
  • MW 5 compatibility pack
  • MW5 portrait overhaul
  • Heat gauge and throttle gauge
  • TTRulez AI Mod2
  • VonBiomes
  • VonHUD

Once you’re comfortable, consider mods from the Yet Another series for more customization. For career mode, try advanced career start, Coyotes mission (if you’re up for a challenge), and delayed deadlines. Keep an eye out for updates, especially for PIlot Overhaul.

Ensure all mods are compatible with the current version. Use MW5 LOTS as a mod load order manager. Set up mod folders and enable mods before playing. Avoid using in-game ray tracing as it may impact performance without significant benefits.

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