Lords of the Fallen – Beginners Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for New Players

About Crashes (Before You Getting Started)

Backup your save games often manually; do not rely on Steam Cloud. If the game crashes for any reason there is a chance your save game can become corrupted. The corrupted save game then automatically gets uploaded to Steam Cloud, screwing you out of a legitimate backup.

Just had to start the game over completely after twenty hours because I wasn’t careful and not backing up my save manually. I’d honestly backup at least every day to be safe.

Saves are located at:

  • C:\Users*user\AppData\Local\LOTF2\Saved\SaveGames

Tips and Tricks

Get really good at parrying. You can parry and block regardless of what weapons you have equipped. It’s much more forgiving and advantageous to parry in this game than other Souls-Likes. Enemies have posture you can chip away at by attacking and parrying that you can then go in for a fatal blow just like Sekiro and Wo Long. It isn’t mandatory for good damage, but you will destroy enemies and bosses if you get good at it.

Make sure you free the blacksmith and upgrade your weapons. Plan on picking a ranged weapon and using it frequently even if you’re melee. Don’t rush, always check for ambushes. Use some strategy and problem solving for difficult encounters. Explore.

Use the throwables, many players don’t bother using them and then they complain they can’t beat the game using melee builds. Also do not bother exploring the Umbral at its fullest the first time you enter an area, I recommend completing it and then “do it again” but inside the umbral.

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