Land of the Vikings – Useful Hints, Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for New Players

I’m 6yrs into my first village and have learned a few helpful hints. Please feel free to add your tips and correct me on anything I may misunderstand.

  • Good houses are better at keeping heat and your people will complain less about being cold. Also ‘Wintery’ and ‘High Quality’ clothes help here.
  • Markets only have 4 workers so making them near the resources to be sold helps them work faster. MULTIPLE markets are suggested for good coverage and faster gathering. If you have resources but your people are still unhappy this may be the fix.
  • Water wells – Something I think a lot of people overlook. One of the first things I did was pepper the town with water wells for good coverage and build around them.
  • Auto Assign – This is found in the options menu and unlocks the “Lazy” achievement. This helps keep your business full of workers. However it doesn’t work very well. I always double check who was assigned because the computer doesn’t assign the best people for the job. Also the ‘Jobs’ tab at the bottom left of the screen. If there is a > (right arrow) next to a job and number of employees working it, that mean you can add more workers to that job. By clicking that right arrow it will auto assign workers to that job.
  • Aligning buildings – Hold ‘Z’ and use the mouse to rotate the structure and then hit ‘X’ to align it to the adjacent buildings. This forms nice lines and makes it easy to place a road in front of.
  • Roads – Roads allow people to move about faster and gives a happiness bonus when attached to houses. You can even adjust the size of the road with ‘Q’ for bigger and ‘R’ for smaller. Also to increase speed and happiness I use decorations and plenty of lights.
  • Gold – I spend this every time a trading ship comes to port. I really don’t see any other use for currency.
  • Good houses are physically larger than poor houses. Keep this in mind when building your city as you can not demolish a poor house and upgrade it to a good house without also demolishing your roads. (This is very frustrating once your city grows)
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