The Matchless Kungfu – Beginners Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for New Players

  • Don’t kill people if unnecessary just beat him up and try to heal them and loot and put them in bed and give help with chi to repair their meridian, if u do that they will friendly toward you and own u a debt although u trying to steal their item that I always do (move ur cursor on npc to see what item they have blue for common and orange for legendary item)
  • you can order people around to build your house or be a body guard for you like giving they guest for nyang/money of course. Or in “order” menu (which menu that you can see other alignment toward you).
  • If you already have tame skill which can be learn from npc if u friendly toward them, u can hunt big wolf, big boar, big monkey etc just beat them up and select tame option they will be your loyal dog(I have one big wolf, big dog, big boar and big monkey for pets)it’s fun.
  • 250 % damage from fire skill really op I have that skill and really op one golden card fire skill can kill any npc and two for dragon.
  • I just get visited my the master that give me a reward /option, for legendary item or legendary armor or unlock meridian (I choose unlock meridian and that really nice I can link all meridian skill) I don’t know what trigger that…..maybe after I learn quote example art of marrow refining, heart burning spell and art of heartflame are all fire inner spells?
  • If you get slow down because of full item in your backpack, npc will approach you and try selling his horse for you (right now I don’t know where is horse seller and can be upgrade with cart for horse).
  • Try to unlock acupuncture art (after you learning it) it can really helpful to heal people or yourself because you don’t have to connect all red dot that appear if you heavily injure after fight each tile in meridian but only connect it with one point (square, triangle or round dot only) and all surrounding red dot will be vanished.
  • Craft bed immediately and pack it so u can heal anywhere. (I usually knock people house and sleep in their bed).
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