Knockout City – Gift Codes

This quick tutorial contains a compilation of gift / promo codes that can be redeemed for various in-game loot!

Reward Codes

Active Codes

  • JonSandman – 5HMV-6K27-FLSZ-4LXN-W5LF
  • AyChristene – GBHZ-X7NQ-TET4-CUDF-C9S7
  • Nothernlion – A844-VTSD-ECRV-8PSX-3MW4
  • Gorillaphent – 3TYQ-LFML-EUT9-B5G3-MPWB
  • Unity Icon – 9MRZ-V5T9-VQP3-6FNU-ZVDG
  • Pride Flag Player Icons – 52T3-BMJD-3QNL-BQWB-LWK9
  • BLM Icon – 59N6-E5TT-EGN3-KB9P-C8KM

Euro 2021 Team Flag:

  • Austria – FL5V-NFAB-9AXV-9UV8-U4CW
  • Belgium – CNRR-WPM8-5ZWU-3DZP-ZYVK
  • Croatia – HGRH-4PJQ-V95S-BRP2-BU4B
  • Czech Republic – FHZ9-Z36L-29NH-8NZR-DXDR
  • Denmark – 6UDV-9JED-69N9-GLMX-H5RE
  • England – HLSA-JDQH-SPG3-J9VC-JJXB
  • France – F2XX-9RV2-EJ6X-52BY-FBXK
  • Germany – 5E5M-VPMX-64AJ-SX5Y-J6E6
  • Italy – 7WAA-4D2A-ZTFF-BZTV-HQZH
  • Netherlands – 2EFP-4WB4-WLDT-AUPP-BSLA
  • Portugal – 3LKT-8GTY-FWPV-BC2Z-NAEL
  • Spain – AFUC-H5GA-TXXW-93QQ-YL5R
  • Sweden – 2UZR-Z9WW-PN95-93XN-XAAD
  • Switzerland – ANF7-2QQS-4WXS-YBYK-YBKX
  • Ukraine – A7EE-9YMB-BHNQ-KZ9B-G8L2
  • Wales – 4V5V-GTAH-TAZY-5UD9-GEFX

Individual Pride Icons:

  • Agender – E3HZ-3L9Z-CTML-4S2Y-FHQC
  • Aromantic – 9UY8-XR8S-T6EP-5TH4-ZPE5
  • Asexual – 22PP-HLPD-83VD-MM55-TPBA
  • Bigender – 89FF-U7WG-39FK-L2FE-AHUT
  • Bisexual – 3Q22-D6XR-L42E-HGT9-VCCU
  • Demiboy – B2PP-FKZL-JTCP-DQ67-T9JS
  • Demigirl – EZ6N-N6UQ-86Y3-TMT9-3YVF
  • Deminonbinary – B9J2-S95N-7KY2-LFEA-WL4V
  • Demiromantic – 85N6-P3YM-7WZA-JLNV-UFQG
  • Demisexual – 42NE-CVAQ-E8U2-SWR4-X5VN
  • Genderfluid – 7YPF-H4VP-YYNH-AX4G-H2W8
  • Genderqueer – 4STB-BMKL-YFDU-JK2J-4UG5
  • Intersex – 8HCL-5LSW-Z653-NPWY-6RJK
  • Lesbian – 7UVD-FHPE-TMZR-NG4E-GTZK
  • Men-Loving-Men – 8AKK-5J7B-28JK-CKSM-XMME
  • Nonbinary – 6RRH-K992-EQZ2-XY7T-3KJH
  • Omnisexual – FS7F-APXD-H2DD-YMNV-AU5U
  • Pansexual – 24W6-JS56-JNWC-NZ4U-VK58
  • Philly Pride Flag – DL5D-RPDS-VF2K-VHVR-WMKW
  • Polysexual – 6XDD-6TUG-TRNU-7PPK-4WFR
  • Transgender – 7L2J-A4YU-NP2Q-W2HZ-54QZ

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 Player Icons:

  • Australia – 38AJ-L2Q9-6CNX-G7VX-T9NJ
  • Austria – FL5V-NFAB-9AXV-9UV8-U4CW
  • Belgium – CNRR-WPM8-5ZWU-3DZP-ZYVK
  • Brazil – 67QG-EHYQ-R3HC-4Z8D-8UHB
  • Canada – F35D-6KMR-R5ZG-2YPT-QN2B
  • Croatia – HGRH-4PJQ-V95S-BRP2-BU4B
  • Czech Republic – FHZ9-Z36L-29NH-8NZR-DXDR
  • Denmark – 6UDV-9JED-69N9-GLMX-H5RE
  • England – HLSA-JDQH-SPG3-J9VC-JJXB
  • France – F2XX-9RV2-EJ6X-52BY-FBXK
  • Germany – 5E5M-VPMX-64AJ-SX5Y-J6E6
  • Great Britain – EB6W-E2VA-JPS3-JYC6-VSZR
  • Italy – 7WAA-4D2A-ZTFF-BZTV-HQZH
  • Japan – FQ2A-8BNL-U5HA-W8LK-8SY8
  • Mexico – 3RPX-FG83-EJ3L-XEYZ-QRVS
  • Netherlands – 2EFP-4WB4-WLDT-AUPP-BSLA
  • Portugal – 3LKT-8GTY-FWPV-BC2Z-NAEL
  • Spain – AFUC-H5GA-TXXW-93QQ-YL5R
  • Sweden – 2UZR-Z9WW-PN95-93XN-XAAD
  • Switzerland – ANF7-2QQS-4WXS-YBYK-YBKX
  • Ukraine – A7EE-9YMB-BHNQ-KZ9B-G8L2
  • United States – CQF7-8MMW-Y9WH-DALD-VEW7
  • Wales – 4V5V-GTAH-TAZY-5UD9-GEFX

Women’s Equality Day:

  • Women’s Equality Day Player and Crew Icons – 8YDM-CBZT-QC5K-ZC6H-2BMW
  • The Lobbing Ladies Crew Icon – 62DD-KDBD-FGVZ-YPPR-LCRD
  • Women’s Equality Player Icon – FSMV-VBM4-57S7-6MFK-NTRA
  • Shoulder to Shoulder Crew Banner – 3CVM-WXJT-PQDA-UXL5-3JYA

Expired / Disabled Codes

  • H2ODelirious – Disabled.
  • Ohmwrecker – Disabled.

How to Redeem Codes

You can redeem these codes on any platform the game is on! 

  • In the main menu, click More.
  • Then choose the Redeem Code menu.
  • Then paste the code in the field with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

Note: Please let us know if you discover any new codes. I will add them to this guide!

Tips & Tricks

Pass The Ball

One of the most basic but overlooked mechanic by many players. I have been frustrated at times because I’ve had teammates who never utilized how simple the passing mechanic is, yet effective in terms of keeping the ball charged and constantly getting shots going through.

  • With a few players I team up with, we usually run hand in hand as a duo or even a trio, constantly passing as we run. It keeps the balls fully charged and ready to go. Most often, we overwhelm the opposition due to how rapid and consecutive our shots go.
  • Quick 1-2 passing between teammates also messes up your opponent’s thinking and timing while constantly putting their screen on red due to being targeted and thus making it harder to read and catch balls.

Utilize Your Teammates And Yourself

There will be moments when you don’t have a ball or you are one hit. Being able to use your teammates as a ball or even yourself can give you decent time to plan out and play offensive as well.

  • Opponents who get hit by a human ball are instantly killed (be careful as you can be caught and used against your own as well).
  • In the case where the Cage Ball is in play, don’t be afraid to fight for possession and use your teammates who potentially get locked up. You can still use them!
  • Be selfless. It’s that simple. Just like passing, the more you guys move the ball and use each other, it will become very overwhelming for opponents as the pace of play will become very high.

Mix Up Your Attack

Don’t always go for curve balls, dip balls, or straight balls consistently. Vary it up. Here’s some methods I use:

  • Curve and Dip. Fully charged, I love to throw curves followed by a dipping throw. A lot of people tend not to read it from mid range.
  • Don’t be afraid to throw an innocent weak ball. Especially if you find yourself going back and forth with an opponent, sometimes throwing a non charged ball will cause them to instinctually catch immediately, thus leaving them open as they expected a fully charged ball.

Utilize Your Angles

As a person who has played CoD and Ranked CoD in general, angles are very important and can give an edge to you and your team.

  • If you love to utilize curve balls like me, I tend to charge them up and throw em between pillars and other split areas of a map.
  • When a player is on a power position (at a higher angle such as a ledge) go for dipping throws. When fully charged they won’t expect to get hit but you’ll be surprised at how many hits you end up getting.
  • In the case of a Sniper ball in play, if you have time to fully charge them, try to shoot in between pillars, walls, and other minor openings if you see your opponent slacking. I guarantee you they will not see them coming.

Winning 50/50 Situations

My last tip would be to not be afraid to fight for the ball and win your 50/50s.

  • If you and an opponent are fighting for a free ball on the map, play aggressive. Even if they happen to grab it before you do, if you’re within charging range, charge at them. More often than not, it can be a big difference between winning and losing.
  • If you win the ball in a 50/50, don’t hesitate to attempt a throw at them. Draining a life is big and on top of that, if you catch the rebound efficiently after the first quick hit, they have little to no time to prepare for another follow up throw.
  • Rebounds are Big! To correspond as I said above, when everyone is fighting for a ball, getting a rebound from the air and quickly throwing it can bag you a few points for you and your team. It also grants possession for your team which is crucial in very tight situations and scores.
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