Zero Hour – Watch Codes

You earn money by completing matches and then you can buy the watches. Some of them need just a code. In this quick guide you will find these secret codes to unlock Operation Black Dawn new watches.

Watch / SE Codes

  • Big Fry: BIGFRY1013
  • Scott Hot Rod: SCOTTHOT42
  • Controlled Pairs: CTRLPAIR47
  • Duerag: DUERAG95
  • Justin Red 87: JUSTIN87
  • Torus Mastaz: FR13112015
  • Klean: KLEAN13376

How to Enter Codes

You enter these codes after selecting the watch on the Store Tab (Main Menu). There will be a small field to put the codes.


  1. The codes are in order starting from left to right unlocking them that are marked SE Brandon.

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