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Tips and Tricks

My tip would be to NOT go back to Beginner difficulty, but rather to Experienced. Beginner has some crucial training wheels differences that actively teach you bad habits. (Just as one example, guards on Beginner have halved AP and generally DON’T patrol between rooms, so you basically have nothing pushing you to learn how to hide your agents properly while still exploring efficiently. Also, they stay KO’d for longer, so it’s easy to fall into the habit of trying to knock everyone out until you fall on your face because you can no longer do that in later levels.).

It’s hard to provide specific tips without more detail from you about how you typically lose, but common new player mistakes are:

  • Over-reliance on knocking out guards, not enough use of distraction tactics, manipulating guards with noise and stepping into their peripheral vision, etc. Alerted guards become unpredictable. Unpredictable is bad.
  • Leaving levels too early without exploring enough or getting enough loot
  • Or, on the flip side, over-extending and not calling it quits when a level has become too dangerous to stay in.

General tip for investment/strategy

Focus on getting a third agent as soon as possible, and a second hacking program no later than Day 2. When it comes to buying stat upgrades, extra Speed should be your first investment, along with Anarchy 2 for at least one agent, which will let you steal from guards without knocking them out. Balance upgrades to Speed and Strength later on as you collect more equipment that’s good enough to keep rather than sell. Upgrades to Hacking on one agent can be good if you’re struggling with power or need them to use specific items, and only then.

Good luck!

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