HITMAN 3 – Useful Tips for New Players

Gameplay Tips

Don’t hesitate to throw your first few games in a level just to get the lay of the land. Shoot everyone, grab a disguise that looks like it would get you in most places, visit every room… See where things are.

It’s not a bad idea to target the camera control room(s) first, especially if you don’t really know the levels. Note that you don’t actually have to go up to the recording device to deactivate it, a bullet will work just as well.

You should always keep a lockpick on you if you’re new. They’re very useful even for veterans, and especially for new players who don’t know where keys are.

Mission opportunities are a good way to introduce both levels and mechanics to new players. If you feel completely lost, consider giving them a look, it’s a nice way to get a clear path with a few concrete objectives. But once you grow accustomed to the mechanics, you can do without them, I often found freestyle methods are quicker and more effective once you developped an eye for opportunities.

Related to that, targets tend to have fairly rigid and repetitive schedules. If you know your target always come back to the same places, and that some of these places aren’t as populated as others, it may be worth it to prepare the scene and clean out the place before their next loop. I can think of at least one place like that in Dubai.

Poisons and accidents will not break SA assuming that you’re not seen doing the deed and that you’re killing actual targets with them. People who find poisoned targets won’t realize they were assassinated, same thing goes for things like propane tank explosions next to them, just don’t be seen sticking a needle in their back or shooting the propane tank.

Similarly, sedatives don’t break SA either if the sedated person is found.

Some actions which would be suspicious under normal circumstances aren’t if you wear the appropriate disguise. For example, poisoning food and drinks if you’re wearing something related to catering, or loosening gas valves if you look like maintenance staff. By the way, gas emanations from propane tanks and other gas containers aren’t for show. Just saying. Be creative

Random tip cause a lot of new players don’t find it out: If you press Spacebar next to a wall you will hug the wall, if you hit Q when an npc is near a corner on that wall it will silently grab them from the front. This is Silent Assassin friendly as long as no other NPCs see them get grabbed. A lot of cover can be used for this too, and most doorframes.

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