Half Sword – How to Beat First Boss

It’s not hard if you engage in a proper manner, let me give you some tips.

First Boss Tips

  1. Close the distance and get as close as you can, he can only use his scythe properly if you are at a distance – you need a close quarters weapon such as a knife or axe for this to work effectively
  2. Either use your own pole arm such as the pitchfork to try deflect away the scythe, alternatively the quickest and most effective method to rapidly dispatch unarmed targets with a fork / spear is to thrust and impale them in the chest, it’s pretty much an instant kill, but remember this goes for enemies using pole arms against you too!
  3. Aggression is key, defence is high risk in this game; don’t let your enemy strike first because unless you can parry or block there is a very high likely-hood that you will be knocked to the ground or dazed and before you can react you will be hit again, and if you are on the ground it’s pretty much game over.

Experimentation is key to adaptation.

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