Bombe – Auto-Hide Tips

Everything feels better once you start auto-trashing meaningless regions & auto-hiding regions that might trigger a rule but aren’t necessary to have in front of you.

Tips for Auto-Hide

It’s useful to remember you can use variables to make this a lot more streamlined. e.g. “hide a region of X size with value X-“.

But this can go further: You might find a region of, say, size 10, and it could have the value 11-, 12- or even higher. So, to expand the above idea, you can say “delete any region of X size with value X+Y-“.

This way, your first question is answered (area 4, value 4-) and any integer above 4. It doesn’t need to know what Y is, instead it allows Y to be any number, including zero.

This has the added benefit of stopping some “explosive” rules dead in their tracks, preventing those 11- and 12- values from being combined into even larger numbers.

A final thought, in case you’ve made a few single-region hide/trash rules, & want to start making 2-region decluttering rules…

If a region with value X- contains a smaller region that also has the value X-, the smaller region is essentially meaningless (any group of 4 cells with a value 1- can also be described by a group of 5 cells with value 1-, or 20 cells with value 1-, as long as those 4 cells are entirely inside the larger area). A two-region rule can hide these sub-regions, it would look something like (0(?)?) with X- above both regions, and a trash action applied to the left side (i.e. the one with zero cells outside the other).

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