Fistful of Frags – How to Find More Servers to Play

Howdy all. With Rebel’s current absence from the game, the official server browser has become relatively outdated. As an NA player, it is particularly damning seeing as only two relatively unmoderated servers are even shown, and neither of them offer default gameplay.

Guide to Find More Servers to Play

Accessing the full server browser

It’s incredibly easy to access the “legacy” browser, and if you’re used to most other older source games, it should be very familiar.

The “Find Servers” button on the left will open you up to the browser. On first press, it will warn you that this browser is controlled primarily through Steam, and thus may show less than ideal servers. The biggest perpetrator leading to this warning has successfully been banned from the list however, so all remaining servers should be safe. I will list some known safe servers at the end of this, however.

Even with a new account I can’t see what happens when you press the button for the first time, but if my memory serves me correctly you either have to press the warning or just wait a few seconds and press it again. Henceforth it will work as expected.

If the Find Servers button doesn’t appear or lacks text, ensure you don’t have any mods altering the menu UI, fonts, etc. If you still don’t see it but run the game in a different language, try switching it to English and seeing if the text displays then. Please report any bugs like this in the Bug Reports thread, preferably with your language and operating system, and we’ll try and help resolve any issues.

Using the full server browser

If you’re not already familiar with this browser, it may be somewhat confusing. You have a significant amount of control, but really only need to use a little bit of it. I’ve included a TL:DR at the bottom of this section.

The first important part are the tabs at the top. “Internet” is likely the tab you’ll use the most, as that will show all of the available servers. “Friends” is also an important tab to note. Right clicking a server in the list will allow you to add it to your favorites, and display it in the corresponding tab at the top.

Just below that are the titles for each of the columns of the menu. Clicking on these will sort the list according to whatever you clicked on. E.g. clicking on “Servers (#)” will sort alphabetically, players will sort by players, etc. The icons on the left show whether the server has a password (padlock) and if it is VAC protected (shield) respectively.

Below that are the filters. For FoF, you mostly don’t have to mess around with these. They’re mostly self-explanatory, just keep in mind you can’t filter by server name; the search bar searches by Tags , which can be seen at the far right of the browser. Only a few servers actually make use of these, however.

One of the most important buttons is at the bottom, “Refresh All”. I make it a habit to press this every time I open the browser, just to ensure that it is showing the most correct information. Allow it to fully load before messing around in the browser more (there’s normally ~70-100 servers depending on what is up at any given moment).

TL;DR / Quick Guide

Press “Refresh All” at the bottom right and let it fully load to make sure the list is accurate. Sort by players by pressing the “Players” title in the middle top, and take note of the Latency column to connect to the best possible server (lower latency = better).

Trustworthy Servers & North American Options

As an American player, I can’t speak too much for all EU servers, as I try to avoid playing on them unless I have to, so I will mostly focus on NA servers. I will make note of EU and other region servers that I am personally aware of and know are trustworthy. Me not including a server doesn’t immediately mean it’s not trustworthy. If you’re concerned, please make a post here or ask in the Saloon or FoFCL discords. Some servers also have their own discords you might be able to ask in, such as roni’s, Kyekful, etc., but that’s less advisable.

Servers are listed purely arbitrarily by the order I see them in the list as I write this.

NA (North American) Servers

  • WeaselsLair: A good set of well moderated servers hosted ~east coast USA. They offer slightly custom gameplay, such as removed horses on default maps, some custom maps, and toggle-able audio changes (e.g. killstreak sounds). All of these servers run on Classic mode.
  • Kyekful: A well moderated set of mostly default servers hosted in west coast USA. They offer both default and Classic mode, and run some custom maps. Offers the Juggernaut gamemode.
  • Server is Not Crash: A poorly moderated group of highly custom servers, offering mostly custom maps and some player model customization. Their gun game is their most “normal” server provided. They are hosted in ~east coast USA.
  • ACG: A poorly moderated group of somewhat custom servers. Gun Game is relatively normal, though they have their own version that is longer. Their 4TS server is still hosting ghost town mode from Halloween of 2021. Take that as you will. They are hosted ~east coast USA.
  • KeyboardMechanic: I can’t speak too much for the quality of these servers as I haven’t had much chance to play on them. I don’t believe they have a large mod team but their owner is at least still around last I knew. They are apparently hosted in the east coast USA.

EU (European) Servers

I know very little about these servers, so I will be avoiding giving descriptions unless something is very important, so as to not accidentally provide misleading or incorrect information.

  • phporyx
  • Roni’s Frag Servers
  • GamingHirsch
  • Jim’s Frag Servers

Casual Fistful of Frags Server: First off, this is not the “official” Fistful of Frags server, as some people seem to think. Fistful of Frags has no officially run servers. Casual is highly unmoderated to the point of allowing hackers to play freely and actively censors some swears, while allowing many slurs. The server is not actively dangerous to you, however it may not be an enjoyable experience depending on your expectations. Connect at your own risk.

SA (South American) Servers

  • Far West Brazil: As far as I’m aware this is the only server in this region. They offer some somewhat highly modded gameplay with fully custom player models, but I think these might be opt-in from the Steam Workshop? No promises. I can’t speak for the size of the mod team but the owner is active and easily accessible in the Saloon discord server.

Asia / Oceania Servers

  • 4th World: A variable mix of servers, offering custom maps and the One Shot Kill custom gamemode. I believe they have an active moderation team/owner, but these servers are not playable for me given my region so I cannot say for sure.
  • Blank’s Servers: Another East Asian option with what looks to be an active owner and a variety of standard gamemodes available.

Given the small number I think it is worth explicitly mentioning additional servers are available in this region, however I do not know anything about these servers. It is my understanding China in particular has its own community (see General (International)), so I’d advise asking there if you can and need help.


Use the “Find servers” button to connect to servers beyond those shown to you! Players will almost only join safe servers, and the servers that used to cause issues have been banned. It is safer than ever to use this option. For North American players in particular, this is the ONLY way to connect to Kyekful, WeaselsLair, and KeyboardMechanic servers AT ALL, and the only way to connect to ACG gamemodes beyond gun game.

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