Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 – A Console Players Advice and Guidance for Newbies

This game plays way more realistically compared to other Gundam games, so everything will feel a little slow and clunky. These are the best tips i can give to learning to adapt quickly and not get demolished by me and thousands of other veterans as hard or for as long.

Beginners Guide and Console Players Tips

Stay with your team

Teamwork is the key to victory in this game. While you will encounter players that can solo fight very well, overall the best way to win is stick together (but keep an ear out for airstrikes in which case move away from everyone) If you keep your allies backs covered and focus 2 on 1 on any enemy that strays too far from theirs it can make many battles much easier.


Part of playing well either alone or near the team is knowing when and where to push, creep, hold position, retreat or feint retreating to lure enemies into vulnerable positions. Stray too far alone and near too many enemies you can be overwhelmed in seconds. (stuns in this game are brutal and can come from multiple sources keeping you locked in place and open to oncoming melee attacks or sustained fire)

Learn to use your boost well

Your boost is a lifesaver in most situations, dashing to duck behind cover, to quickly close the gap for a melee attack or to avoid one. Units with the emergency dash ability can dodge roll farther away and become invincible for a couple seconds but it uses ALL of your boost and you’ll be stuck walking while it charges. Use it wisely in the right directions to get to cover or your allies and you’ll stay alive much longer.

Utilize the beacons

Every spawn point you capture has a countdown until a battleground affecting ability can be called down, the usual is a airstrike that easily has the potential to destroy entire enemy teams (and allies watch your aim) or at least disrupt their hard held positions (long range units that stay in about the same place causing trouble or regular units holding an area) It always best to aim for an enemy near the middle of all of them for the best chance some or all get hit.

Bombing the enemy spawn for big points game changer

Each team in most modes has a main spawn you can blow up on foot. Arming or disarming a bomb takes 10 seconds (a few seconds less if you have certain mechs) and 60 seconds to explode. If the bomb goes off when there’s 2 minutes or less time left in the match the points you get are boosted. It usually best around 4 to 3 minutes left in game time to go after the enemy base to blow it up. If you aren’t able to do it you can at least distract enemies away from the front line fighting your allies to give them a little breathing room to regroup and push the enemies left behind by the ones chasing you.

Avoid melee combat

Unless you have a heavily melee focused unit avoid melee at all cost. It is hard to master and counter even if you have a type advantage and near impossible with a disadvantage (a melee focused Raid unit can and WILL 1-2 shot a ranged focused Support unit) In the most dire situations fighting melee units use your tackle charge to counter them the moment they go for a melee attack to knock them to the ground (tackle counters do not always succeed and only briefly stun them at the least).

When the odds are against you

When the enemy has a clear advantage in points and there in no time left to arm and blow up their main base (match time left is under 1:10). Your one and only option is all out rush and overwhelm them. Almost no one expects a whole team to bum rush them down with no care for their safety. You will find that being extremely aggressive in desperation, while not a guaranteed way to win, could throw them off enough to destroy them enough to gain the lead you need in the last minute. This strategy can and has worked in other times but you have to play enough to “see” the opening, calculating between number of enemies vs allies, total team health levels, and the positions you would be charging into and pushing them back from.

Keep these in mind when playing and you should see your skills improve vastly at a quicker rate.

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