Europa Universalis IV – Useful Tips and Tricks

Here you can find few useful tips for Europa Universalis IV players.

Tips and Tricks

  • Learn the combat system, once you fully understand it you will rarely lose fights.
  • Learn how forts actually work so you don’t get surprised by “ai cheating on forts” (it doesn’t, it just knows the rules and uses them).
  • Follow the trade money when expanding. If the flow goes from land you own into that land it is generally less useful than the other way around, be guided accordingly. (Yes, there are some exceptions but as a general rule land in your trade node or that flows into your trade node is more valuable to your economy)
  • Reduce maintenance and mothball forts when not at war but remember that your troops and forts don’t immediately resume full effectiveness when you restore maintenance to full level so plan accordingly.
  • Don’t pick fights you don’t need to or do stupid things to try and cut other nations off. You can beat every ai nation in the game simply by growing faster than they do and then walloping them when it becomes necessary to do so.
  • Always keep using your allies, and never let them use you. Also, allies are rarely forever (depending on your goal).
  • First there is something called institutions which you may already know of,it is suggested you always accept the institution and then tech up.
  • Dont use mana on harsh treatment, war exhaustion, for ideas only when you are not very behind on tech remember each idea gives tech cost reduction, don’t tech up way before time,for adm and dip it is advised to tech up after getting neighbour bonus,for mil its always stay up to date and its sometimes better to tech up early if you gain tech advantage over country you want to fight.
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