Driftwood – How to Get Fast and Build Speed (Controller)

I am here to give you a tutorial on how to get fast with a controller, from the start of your runs and also later on.

Tips to Get Fast and Build Speed

Most people lean forward and spam push to gain and maintain speed.

But there is also a quick way to gain speed at the start on ESM.

So basically when you push from the start, be sure to also rotate your left thumb stick (or the one you rotate with) clockwise or counter clockwise (doesn’t really matter)

Do it at a paste so that your sloth Eddy, will swing from left to right.

Combine it with pushing and you will be fast.

If you do it correctly you will gain speed till 80 km/h and at the end of your run, it will save you a whole lot of seconds!.

I use the speed to do a short cut after the tunnel at the beginning of the track but also after the shortcut to get speed faster.

Use this mechanic whenever you can and, always when you are under 80 km/h.

Do whatever this game lets you do but most importantly have fun and go shred!

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