Elite Dangerous – Tips to Get Started

Starters Tips

First thing – you can play the game in Open, Private Group or Solo. Sounds like you need to play in Solo, at least to start with (Some griefers hang around known starter sites just to repeatedly shoot beginners).

To reset the save, you need to go into Options before you click Continue on the main screen. Reset Commander is the option on the right.

Avoid all youtube videos on unlocking ships fast, earning billions fast, road to riches, mapped mining and any other shortcut people try to guide you to. It’s just not worth it, and you’ll miss all the intermediate parts of the game like the gradual progression through a range of ships – not to mention learning how the game works.

Plus doing stuff over and over because someone told you to just leads to the ‘this game is nothing but grind’ mentality, rather than an experience to be enjoyed over time.

If you want to explore, you can earn enough for a Diamondback Explorer, A-rate it, fit a hangar with an SRV or two, then set off.

No need for grinding or engineering. The stock DBX will jump around 50 light years unengineered.

If you have Odyssey, by the time you return from your trip you could have hundreds of millions in exo-biology scans (Odyssey also allows you to land on thin atmo planets with some spectacular sky colours. I would say it’s essential for explorers).

One thing – make sure you play in Live or Odyssey, not Legacy.

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