MADNESS: Project Nexus – Church and Jorge Tips

How to Beat Church and Jorge

Church and Jorge, the two Gen-3 Limited Models (G03LMs) wearing Blue armor, Jorge is a Melee variant while Church uses ranged weapons.

As for any tips, Jorge should be your main focus, he’s agile during the first two encounters, charges at you, while church keeps his distance and only focus-shots you, he can be dealt with later on.

That doesn’t apply during the third encounter as the arena is pretty small, just attack Jorge and try to keep out of Church’s range, any weapon will do just remember to dodge their attacks.

You can bait both of them on one side of the arena, then quickly run to the other side, Jorge will follow you pretty quickly while Church will move at a snails paste, and if you’re lucky he will dis-aggro.

Just remember to order your teammate (using ctrl) to move with you, either way he may die due to consecutive damage. Although if you order your companion to attack Church, the ranged variant, he should be able to defeat him with little problems.

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