Dual Universe – Ship Building Starter Guide

It’s very basic, but should be a good place to start if you’re interested in flight engineering.

How to Build a Basic Atmo Craft

Placing the Dynamic Core

  1. Select the place object tool. (5 key. Looks like a cube with some arrows)
  2. Select dynamic core from your inventory (I key). Double click on it. Place it on the ground. (take note of which way the arrow on it points)
  3. Name the construct.

Make a Ship Shape (Optional)

  1. Go into build mode (B key when cursor is over the core you deployed)
  2. Open your inventory (I key) and select any voxel material by double clicking it. (eg. Glossy Aluminum, Painted Carbon Fiber, etc. Looks like a colored cube)
  3. Use the voxel place tool (2 key) to make whatever shape you want, make sure you remember the arrow on the core points to the front of the ship.
  4. (Optional) Play around with other voxel tools. Tool 3 let’s you connect 2 points with voxels, tool 7 lets you copy/paste. There’s more too.

Place Required Elements

  1. In build mode (B key) open your inventory (I key) and select your control unit (hover seat, remote control, etc).
  2. Place your control seat on the construct.
  3. Place your atmospheric engines facing backwards. (opposite of arrow on core)
  4. Place your atmospheric fuel tank.
  5. Place your hover engines facing the ground. (press R to rotate or hold R and use mouse wheel)
  6. Place your adjustors around where you need leverage/control. (the more the merrier, they don’t use fuel)
  7. Place your brakes, pretty much wherever. It doesn’t currently matter which way they face.
  8. (Optional) Place your gyroscope and/or emergency unit on even surface, aligned and centered.

Link Fuel to Engines

  1. Select Link Tool (6 key in build mode)
  2. Click on the fuel tank, then engine. Repeat for each engine and hover engine. (max ~8 per tank)

Fuel Up

  1. Exit build mode
  2. Select Fuel Tool (6 key)
  3. Open inventory, select Nitron fuel
  4. Click on tank to fill

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