EA SPORTS FIFA 23 – Fix for the EA Anticheat

How to Fix EA Anticheat Error

  1. Click on Windows icon (bottom left and search Windows Security).
  2. Click ‘Virus and threat protection’ then ‘manage settings’ and turn off ‘real time protection’.
  3. Then enter in the folder where FIFA 23 is installed (Steam Library-steamapps-common-FIFA23) then click on ‘_Installer’ folder and “EAAnticheating” click on Anticheat installer select FIFA23 and uninstall then close it.
  4. Open again but this time with ‘Run as administrator’ and select again FIFA 23 and press Install.
  5. Start FIFA 23 with ‘Run as administrator’ from the folder where is installed (Steam Library-steamapps-common-FIFA23) and it should START with no problem.

For me it worked four times already but keep in mind you have to do this every time you start FIFA 23!

Hope it works for you and enjoy the game!

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