Dominions 6 – Tips for Spells

Spells Tips

You certainly should plan ahead of time what spells your pretender will cast. The pretender should be the strongest mage in your nation so your spell research should pretty much revolve around him.

For example pretenders with earth/astral like Monoliths are great for doing a teleport + earthquake combo which is pretty good in the early and mid game. It requires thaumaturgy 4 and evocation 5 to pull off, so it doesn’t take long to research it.

Also you might want to get a gem generator spell online like earth blood deep well, or gale gate. You will probably want a gem generator spell that matches your national mages so they have an abundance of gems for crafting or summoning.

Conjuration and Construction are generally useful for pretty much any nation – but they are gem dumps. You’re either going to summon powerful monsters or craft powerful equipment, or both. Usually you will want your national mages to cast these spells so your pretender is free to do other things. Unless you’re going for a particularly powerful summon or artifact, and then sure your pretender could do that.

Also keep in mind you can boost your national mages with magic items. For example earth mages can craft earth boots to boost their earth magic and cast stronger spells, or craft more powerful items.

Don’t get scared though if it seems too complicated.

A great first time nation is MA Ulm. If you pick a monster pretender like the giant boar and get some production scales, all you need to do is attack provinces with the boar and your Ulmish troops in black plate.

Ulm is a great first time nation. I already beat a game with MA Ulm in Dom 6. They’re still really simple to play.

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  1. Magic has two purposes in this game.

    Win conditions.


    A good strategy is generally to rush some early game win condition magic for your nation before engaging in any wars.

    Dominions 6 has lots of new spells and magic changes and game pacing changes so this might not be 100% but here are some examples.

    Ironskin – win condition on high protection armor units.

    Poison ward – counter to poison damage

    Summon elemental – win condition

    Tangle vines – counter to high defence units

    Wrathful skies – win condition if you have shock resistant units

    Lightning bolt – counter to high prot / iron skin

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