Dominions 6 – Building Tips

Building Tips for New Players

As you expand in the early game, you ideally want to be looking for provinces with high income (often farmlands), with lots of high-resource provinces next to them (usually forests and mountains). These provinces are perfect spots to build forts, from which you’ll start building additionally armies.

Be sure to also build labs at these locations, so that you are recruiting mages to expand your research! Temples are also important, but are often a lower priority than forts and labs.

I can’t recall the hotkey for enabling province icons (Ctrl+F), but you might find it helpful to turn on the resource and income overlay, which will give you an at-a-glance indication of how much gold and resources each province offers. This saves you from have to review each province one by one.

You can build temples everywhere. Technicaly you can build labs and forts everywhere too, but you normally have to choose due limited money.

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