Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor – How to Beat Dreadnought

Tips to Defeat Dreadnought

When he stops he is about to jump. When he stops do a 90 degree turn and he will miss. Other than that he’s pretty easy.

Do not waste time mining gold or nitra on stage 5 it’s useless at this point (unless you are running artifacts that scale dmg with Gold/Nitra), other materials are fine for upgrades.

Rush objectives and pop dreadnought early, you will have less enemies if you do this.

If you still fail with the above your build was no good or you just take too much dmg or a combination of both.

Also a tip that I find equal or even more important is to make sure to clear out a large area in stage 5 to kite him around in circles. If you have to dig while fighting him you are decreasing your chances of success by a massive margin, no matter how much mining speed you have. Ideally you should be ready and able to hold back swarms by stage 5 so you can focus on clearing the fight area, mining gold for rerolls and nitra for the crit buff.

If you can run in circles around him just outside his melee range and keep up with bug spawns, he will never hit you. The further away from him you are the more critical it is to change direction and the further you have to move to get out of his way. Most of the times I’ve died to him has been because the direction I needed to go to get away from him required digging.

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