Akumi Wars – How to Defend Against Fairies

If you’re having a hard time with fairies and fairie queen than this guide is for you.

Tips to Defend Against Fairies


I tried to make a comp with characters and items that are pretty underwhelming for this point in the game. There’s many improvements you should be able to add e.g. incorporate mana fly/worm to bypass the magic resistances and of course use runes because I didn’t.

Important note for this encounter: the only physical damage sources are from Akumi’s gun/Primal Instinct/Ship Cannon so you might want one physical hitter or it will take a while. Took me 25 mins with this comp:

  • You need magical damage to deal with oozes (highly resistant to physical when liquid, aka above 50% hp).
  • You need physical damage to deal with the stump in the final wave (highly resistant to magical).
  • Support – Liv
  • Vigor 3 | Perfect Emerald (Max) | Resuscitate
  • Slowing auto, Strong heals
  • Support – Sandra
  • Heal Aura | Party Speed Buff 2 | Prayer of Redemption

Sandra is really nice for the debuffing autos, and party shields which she applies 1. From her ult 2. from an ally falling below 25%, 3. To all allies if she dies. Drop from “Training” in Spug City.

  • BH – Akumi Hunter
  • Spug Juiced (MAX) | Skull (Upgradable) | Primal Instinct (Akumi)

Scaling damage, has both magical and physical (gun is really good for targeting backline). Primal Instinct is a great execute when something goes below half HP.

  • Paladin – Alexis
  • Spug Juiced (MAX) | Fairy Wings | Pet Cuttlefish

Hit’s hard for a paladin, really just want the paladin buff here but wanted damage. Pet Cuttlefish blinds all enemies for a turn which gives some breathing room.

The concept being that if a character is about to die, first Sandra will bubble them, if that fails paladin passive will make the character invincible for 1 turn with a cooldown of 8. Having Liv and Sandra give you strong heals and shields, as well as running both Resuscitate and Prayer to revive anyone who manages to die, so long as one is alive you can’t lose.

TL;DR Tips

  • Paladin buff prevents an ally from dying once per 8 turns.
  • Double support with 2 revives is strong, but very slow…
  • Stack HP runes and rubies (Perfect Ruby gives 60% max HP and augments attacks to burn)
  • Fairy Wing & Mana Fly/Worm give great magic resist and help with your damage.
  • I would suggest attempting to kill Grove Fairy first, then the stump (phy damage needed), then ooze (magical damage needed), focus one target at a time.

Video Guide

I cleared it with a super basic comp here:

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