Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle – How to Beat the Final Boss

Final Boss Tips

This fight requires you to be relatively quick with either your shotgun or you upgraded frost beam. So, when you start off, there’ll be the normal zombies who run at you, and you can easily kill them with your frost beam. Once they are dead, you are safe until you leave the hangar area. You should only grab shotgun shells, health kits, and the frost cartridges, because your MP5 basically useless here.

When you step outside, that is when the boss can attack you again. The ONLY attacks she has, is to teleport to you and do her grab attack, and to teleport away and shoot three ranged attacks at you. So, to stop her, you need to listen closely when you hear her whisper your name. It’s actually very directional, so if it’s in front of you, you can just immediately aim forward, same for if it’s behind you.

You to IMMEDIATELY aim at it; if you are already using your frost beam, spin WHILE firing, so that it stops her right away. If you are NOT already using the frost beam, then you’ll need the shotgun. You have to hit her in the center body, and she will be stunned out of her grab animation, and she’ll teleport away again. Sometimes she’ll teleport close again, and try to grab you right away, otherwise she’ll try her ranged attack.

The deadliest part, is that there are normal zombies running around too, so the frost beam is the best way to go to kill them fast, and you will also want to kill them quickly so you can focus on the boss. If you need to use cartridges to refill your frost, don’t hesitate, you have unlimited frost cartridges around the level. If you have your shotgun out, you can knock the zombies down if you need to.

Once you’ve stunned the boss around 3-4 times, she will usually go away for a minute or two, which is good breathing room. Use that time to start up the locked gates if you haven’t already, or to get as much distance as you can towards the exits.

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