Dawn of Man – Settlement Tips

Tips for Settlements

  • You don’t need to wall in your fields. Raiders don’t do anything to them.
  • Put the right storage next to your industry. For example a rock pile that only accepts iron ore next to your bloomery. A storage hut only accepting tools next to your metalsmith. And so on…
  • Sprinkle a few wells with deactivated water gathering, morale buildings, hearths and houses through your settlement. One of each should be near each entrance, so that returning hunters and miners don’t need to walk far to rest and recover. You can even put some wells and morale buildings outside the walls and between your fields.
  • Concentrate your defensive platforms and towers alongside your gates. Put the gates directly where the raiders come from. You shouldn’t need towers at the corners of your settlement.
  • Raise the limits for sickles and knifes to 100% of adult population. Those tools are of vital importance and that way your workers do not have to wait for someone else to bring back their important tool.
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