Conan Chop Chop – How to Dash Through Fences and Rocks

How to Dash Through…

You need to get an upgrade at the trainer to be able to dash through fences and rocks (including rocks that bombs can’t destroy) in order to reach the secret chests.

A screenshot of the node:

And if you want a guide for unlocks:

  • First you want to unlock the ultimate (1 point)
  • Then you want to unlock the charm slot behind (2 points)
  • Then you want to unlock the other charm slot (2 points) behind the extra heart (1 point)
  • Then you want to unlock the ability to break fences (4 points) behind the attribute point (3 points)
  • Then you want to unlock all attributes (one is 4 points, the two near the far corner are 5 points each) with a preference for move speed over damage (you need to flee some boss attacks)
  • Then the last extra heart (4 points)
  • Then you want extra gold (2 points) and starting meat (3 points)

Talents can be unlocked when you see fit (first two are 4 points each, last is 5 points).

Full tree unlock for a character is 49 points.

On Belit:

  • Top left talent is even more arrow (she has naturally more arrows than other character) and some arrows reloaded when she dashes (making it her best talent)
  • Bottom right talent is temporary movespeed boost when attacking with arrows (slight increase, I never felt it)
  • Top right talent is extra rage when attacking with arrows (quite ok as it allows to get the ult up quite fast)

BTW: Belit and Valeria ult make them invulnerable for the duration of the attack, so it can be used defensively

On Palantides:

  • Bottom left talent gives him a movespeed boost and a warranted crit on first attack after entering a room or after a parry
  • Top right talent unleash a shockwave on a parry
  • Bottom right talent Unknown

On Valeria:

  • Top left talent gives her bonus damage after using her ult
  • Bottom left talent is extra rage when attacking bleeding enemies
  • Bottom right talent makes her attacks place a stack of bleeding (up to 3)

On Conan:

  • Bottom left talent Unknown
  • Top left talent Unknown
  • Top right talent Unknown
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  1. For Valeria, top left corner makes her do bonus damage after using her Ult, bottom left corner makes her gain more rage if the target is bleeding and bottom right adds a stacking (3) bleed debuff to her attacks.

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