Hero’s Hour – How to Win: Starting Tips and Tricks!

There’s been a lot of talk about the difficulty in this game, and so I thought I’d give some starting pointers.

Starting Tips and Tricks

1. Go for the upgraded tavern as fast as you can. The upgraded tavern lets you train heroes with the Bodyguard skill. This skill is really important: it guarantees that hero a free army at half the strength of your main hero’s strongest army.

This means you don’t need to split your trained units. Putting all your units in your starting hero will automatically make your second hero (with Bodyguard) get stronger. Your second hero should have no units in it to maximize Bodyguard.

This lets you do a few things. These Bodyguard units refresh each battle, so you can throw them into battles without worrying about losses. Or you can have a good defensive hero to build buildings at home while your main hero explores. This is a good way to get to mid-game.

2. Skills are really important. The way this game has been designed, many units aren’t all that effective without being supported by the right skills. For instance, at first the lowest tier units seems like trash. But the Warding skill gives 5% chance to dodge an attack — per power level of the enemy! This means that 1 point in Warding means a piddling Spearman (power level 2) will dodge 80% of the attacks from a Lich (power level 16)!

Without Warding, these units are just a lot less useful. This is true for a variety of skills. Paying attention to these and tailoring your army is essential to winning. You can plan this out at the scenario start screen, because you can see each hero’s skill tree. If they have an early Archery skill, you can go for archers. If they have an early Oligarchy skill, you can go for expensive units. And so on.

3. Hero stats. The hero stats look lame — 2 attack, 3 defense, and so on. But these are actually really important! Each point of defense gives 3% defense to *everyone* in your army. That means 10 defense gives 30% defense. This is why melee heroes are really important for soldier armies, because their army stats go up, while spellcasting heroes have their spellcasting stats go up — which means melee heroes have a bit different of an army than spellcaster heroes.

4. Gold gold gold. Get the economic buildings as fast as possible! It might be tempting to focus on army buildings, but when starting out it’s better to preserve gold. You start with a lot, but it goes fast. The 250 gold/day building may not sound like much, but it’s 1750 gold per week.

This will give you a lot of versatility when exploring. In the beginning of the game, you can sometimes but gold to better use at various sites of interest. For instance, being able to hire a mercenary army is much more important early on than 11 more zombies.

Overall, the game seems tough at first, but you’ll start finding a lot of ways to break it! Hopefully, these tips will let you get further and help you understand more of the game.

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