Coin Pusher Casino – Useful Tips and Tricks

A collection of few tips for the Coin Pusher Casino game players.

Tips and Tricks

  • Some of the stages have gimmicks like dominoes.
  • To properly topple these, you must push the dominoes with your chips by letting the chip towers overhang.
  • In general, you should throw coins as evenly as possible and without overlapping coins.
  • However, some stages in Arcade mode give you very few coins to start with, so you need to concentrate the coins on either end of the field and quickly push the coins out of the field to the acquisition port.
  • If you need a lot of credits for Perk, try a stage with a lot of gold bars on it.
  • A lot of credits are required to sit in front of that table, but as long as you don’t purposely do anything lax, you will definitely get the bonus.

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