Praey for the Gods – Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

  • There are symbols hidden in some caves that expand your map.
  • At the entrance to the temple is a small gate (right below where you got the glider). If you enter it, there is a short cutscene. This cutscene changes every time you defeat a boss, so keep coming back to get the lore.
  • Although exploring the overworld is optional, it is highly beneficial. Having consumables like food and health potions is very helpful to defeat each boss, but not necessary. You can also upgrade your gear, or even find upgrades. Most of all, Totems let you upgrade you base amount of stamina, as well as health (although I would prioritise stamina first.)
  • There is a bright light in the sky above the next boss you are to battle, as well as a mark on your map (although it is intentionally large and vague.) You aren’t supposed to know how to defeat the boss. You have to solve the puzzle of each boss yourself. Remember that you have five main abilities to work with: Climb, arrows, grapplehook, glider, and sword. Some bosses have multiple ways of defeating them, so while something may be working, there may be a more intended approach that you haven’t thought of.
  • Hunger and sleep (represented by the green and blue circles) affect your stamina’s ability to regenerate. When you hunger bar is full, your stamina will regenerate much faster than when your hunger is empty, but using your stamina also drains your hunger faster. Sleep on the other hand, affects how long it takes for your stamina to start regenerating. After you run, dodge, or climb, you’ll see your stamina doesn’t immediately regenerate. That pause is longer when you don’t rest.
  • When your cold meter is empty, you will start to take damage. All of the effects I just listed for sleep, hunger, and cold, are more obvious on harder difficulties and survival ratings. I didn’t notice them hardly at all unless I was on the hardest for both, which is how I decided to play the game.
  • Not all food is like that. Berries, yes, but cooked deer meat fills almost half your health (your starting health at least.) Other food, like cooked mushrooms, replenish warmth or sleep. You will get better food with time. You need to chop down trees to get wood. Just hit the tree with your sword, then find a campfire stove. These are in the caves I mentioned with the maps, as well as bed rolls often.
  • I explained sleep, but it also makes time pass. This can help when theres a snow storm.

As a final word, this game is about feeling small. Feeling lost. Feeling unsure. So embrace that feeling. Everything I just told you I learned the hard way. I figured it out by reading the notes scattered around the map, or just trying things out.

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