CODE: PANDORA – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Observations from playing the game

  • If you kill the mushroom, you get “essence”.
  • “Mushroom essence” is what “fat hunter” wants to eat.
  • If you sex mushroom, you get “mushrooms”.
  • “Mushroom” can be used to poison the water well.
  • “Trust quest” to get the key can be done in many ways
  • If you talk first to the keycard chef, you can sex him to get the keycard.
  • If you poison the well, deactivate the machine to the right of the well with the code (inferno map goes unlocked).
  • Get light bullets to kill inferno dog, to get eye to give to Iron Face.
  • Use normal bullets on inferno dog, get dog sex (+inferno map goes unlocked), grab Iron Face’eye.

Entering the ship

  • Get the rifle gun – part 1 – opening the door

Arcade looking-machine

  • Enter 404900 code and validate with the V key. It will unlock a (gun)room at the right of it, but it will not unlock immediately. Visit the 2 doors on that level to give time for the weapon room to open.

Faster way to unlock it

  • Get inside the (no sex monster) elevator, grab the ‘deep clean battery’, old man will appear. Charge the battery by walking left in that room until you see a ‘press UP’ leaving message but misplaced. Press your interact key to that. Enjoy the mini game 🙂 talk to old man so he unlocks the door for you, go back and enter it.

Getting the rifle gun – part 2 – snake

  • Talk to the snake and sex it (stroke it). Gun will be in inventory.
  • Kill the snake with light bullets only. Normal bullets will start the sex. Gun will be in inventory.
  • Back to the first room of the ship. Walking right. timer on top. Puppae room.
  • If you have the battery, you can walk to the center to install it, kill the baby hunters
  • Don’t do anything and get sex with “gripper” (puppae hunter)
  • Walking right, mother hunter room. the only way out is UP.
  • Speak to mother hunter.
  • “Gift of life”, get sex.
  • “Give battery” if unused battery. To aid hunters.
  • “Tell location” (I wasnt paying attention in that run).
  • No speak to mother hunter.
  • Kill with rifle (light bullets ON).
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