Wartales – Oil Strategies

Oil Strategies

Firstly, for those who don’t know, you can add 1 or 2 oils to main hand weapons in order to get a permanent buff to them. Nifty, and one of the main uses of the alchemist.

I’m curious what oils people use on what builds. There are a *lot* of them, and the possibilities are vast. My own not very carefully thought out thoughts as of now are:

  • +15% Attack of Opportunity damage: no brainer on someone who will be using riposte, spear wall, or barrage repeatedly.
  • 50% change of causing bleed: That’s a nice one, bleed is the status effect that does the most damage, and it doesn’t risk spreading to yourself like fire does. However, it doesn’t stack, so there’s no point over using it. Good to combine with AoO because DOT damage is taken at the end of a unit’s turn, so it does damage faster if it applies during an enemy’s turn than yours.
  • +10% Critical: Speaks for itself. Critical is increasingly important at high level, and so is always welcome. Particularly good with weapons/builds that have an additional effect trigger on critical hits or have a wide damage range.
  • +50% chance to cause 50% damage again: If I understand this infectious oil correctly, this averages out at a flat +25% damage output. What’s not to love! It might be the most consistent and powerful oil.
  • Ignore 50% of guard: I like to put this on weapons that will inflict destabilise, so the first attack on a tank ignores half the guard, and all other attacks on them will ignore all of it.
  • 50% chance of causing slowdown: Very nice for units that will be doing hit-and-runs against the enemy. Nothing like this on archer to force the enemy to walk slowly through a hail or arrows as you continuously run away from them.
  • 50% chance of 1VP whenever using a skill that costs VP: This sounds potentially huge, especially for builds that have lots of actions rather than passives. Ranger and Swordsman are what I’m thinking of here.

The other oils… I don’t see the point of so much. A chance at a few extra strength or dexterity makes little difference IMHO. Causing poison or fever is too long term an effect for me to care about. Setting things on fire is too much annoyance for me to deal with. The others I haven’t mentioned are similarly meh in my mind; either too weak or too situational or both.

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