Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: Ostfront – How to Attack Using Infantry

Tips to Use Infantry During Attacks

  • You can use shift+1 or 2 etc. to group individual units into controlled groups instead of “squads” so you don’t have to select every unit every time and just push a number key to select your group.
  • Also you can use shift+RMB to chain actions together. So you can path out how you want units to move together. These two actions alone are massive game changers if you didn’t know.
  • Other than that always use infantry in combination with your other pieces. Infantry die fast when alone so hit and run tactics in towns and such are always planned with a retreat to a new location (so you don’t get shelled and rolled by tanks so quickly).
  • Utilize cover when moving from position to position, always. Clicking on an area and broadly guessing your unit’s final placement is almost always certain death. Also if you quick double click the units will sprint.
  • The unit placement is sketchy in this game at best. It’s infuriating half the time and then if you don’t diligently make sure they are ‘looking directly out the window’ or make sure they are ‘all the way at the end of a wall so they can peak the corner’ they simple won’t shoot.

When it works its fun but there is alot of improvement that could be made for sure.

So use cover and concealment to close the gap with your objective. If you have fire support (IGs, tanks, etc) they should be blasting away.

If you are approaching on open ground (like an airfield map) your boys should crawl as close a possible. Use smoke to provide concealment from their location to hard cover. Prone is critically important because even small bits of raised terrain can break LOS.

If infantry ever start taking fire from an MG or vehicle you should drop them into an immediate prone and start lobbing smokes.

Once you close grenades are your friend. Manual control your boys to get the most optimal placements, or just spam them anywhere you think the enemy is.

Last tip

I would always move the whole squad by clicking and dragging to spread them out. If you click on a cover point with the whole squad they will usually sprint there, ignoring enemies and getting wasted be enemies they should be shooting at. Squads should be broken down into small groups for the final sprint and placed into different cover points to avoid being nuked by one HE shell. When you click and drag to move infantry they will stop and fire on enemies that appear in their LOS.

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